Aia Leu Live Painting

Live painting shows

Aia Leu is a fine art painter since 1989 and currently lives in the mountains near Kenmare, Ireland.

A third generation artist, Aia Leu is Swiss and was born in 1971 “on the road” in an old finca on the little Island of Formentera (Baleares). Her parents Felix and Loretta Leu had four children; Filip, Ama, Aia and Ajja; artists from the 60’s, they met in 1965 in New York at a Jean Tinguely exhibition.

Leu Family Boom 2012
Filip Leu, Luke Brown, Titine K-Leu, Aia Leu. Boom Festival 2012. Photo Bobby C. Alkabes.
Aia Leu live
Aia Leu painting at Ozora Festival 2015
Novelty Engine
Painting Live with Novelty Engine on stage, Ozora festival 2015.
Aia Leu Boom Teaser 2013
Aia Leu and Adam McEwan, London 2012. photo by M. Cameron-Wilton
Aia Leu and Filip Leu, Boom Festival 2012. photo by Carole C. Alkabes
Aia Leu & Adam McEwan
Aia Leu and Adam McEwan Live Painting @ Live Festival 2015