This distinctive visionary work is a unique collaboration between astrologer Joanna-Kate Grant and artist Aia Leu. Designed specifically for exploring themes of transformation and change, the vivid combination of art and story helps the reader to invoke the richness of their own creative wisdom; to light their own way home.

Five years in the making, this collection of wholly original work has been developed from a meticulous intuitive exploration of the 78 cards of the Crowley/Harris Thoth Tarot. Drawing on 30 years of esoteric knowledge, the visions that Joanna discovered within the cards, eventually flowered into the book “Thoth Journey”, the inspiration for a series of 79 beautiful paintings with which Aia interprets each story. The artists’ translucent flowing style and her generous use of colour provides the perfect visual accompaniment to the fertile and luxuriant narrative.

The resulting Oracle is a beautiful and timeless offering. Rooted in the dark shadows that inevitably fall across the human experience, this rich and poetic work has been lovingly crafted from the inspiration of two people who wish to share their gifts of art, intuition and wisdom with the world.

This box set contains a 336 page book and a 79 card deck.

Suitable for Oracle or Tarot use.

“…stillness and quiet surround her here, in The Hallway of Beginnings; the light is dim and seems indistinct in its origins…the landing above contains yet more doors, all as individual yet as secretive as the ones below, some of them bear names above the door, whilst others offer no help with the assignation of their contents. The door that she uses to explore the Thoth Tarot is panelled in six heavy rectangles, and the handle is of brass, and when she opens the door, the image of the card hangs like a veil between her world and the world of the card…”


Joanna-Kate Grant is an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, and Writer, who has been living in the southwest of Ireland since 1996. For over thirty years, she has watched as the planets have woven their stories around her, giving her her lifelong love affair with the stars. Her long knowledge of Astrology leads and informs her practice in offering guidance across the thresholds of life experiences as defined by the planetary cycles, and through combining Astrology with Tarot and Shamanic techniques, she works with clients, to open the way to self-empowerment and healing, helping them to lead a more authentic and magical life.

About the Artist

Aia Leu is a fine art painter who works in oil and watercolour. She lives and paints in her studio in the mountains near Kenmare in Ireland where she moved to in 1989. A self-taught third generation artist, she studied figure sketching as a teenager in Vevey, Switzerland. Her paternal grandmother is the Swiss artist Eva Aeppli.
Aia’s work draws directly from her multicultural and bohemian upbringing. Particularly influenced by both her years spent as a child in India, and the richness of the Irish landscape, The Oracle of Change reflects beautifully the diversity of her inspiration.

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