Brought to you by Artist –  Aia Leu & Astrologer – Joanna-Kate Grant

An art project in the old traditional style, Thoth Journey represents years of painstaking work, all done by humans, a unique collaboration between astrologer and artist. Designed specifically for exploring themes of transformation and change, this vivid combination of art and story inspires the reader to invoke a wealth of creative wisdom and to light their own way home.

Particularly relevant for Shadow Work and for exploring themes of transformation and change, Joanna’s meticulous intuitive exploration of the 78 cards of the Crowley/Harris Thoth Tarot was her way of making sense of a series of catastrophic life events. Drawing on over 30 years of esoteric knowledge, the visions she found within the cards eventually flowered into the book Thoth Journey, which describes one woman’s experiences as she opens the magical doors hidden within the cards to travel the inner realms.

Using a technique loosely based on path-working, she is guided by the symbols, images, and colours, following the road for three years until she has walked the entire deck. Through navigating the liminality of her internal wastelands, she discovers a deeper and more peaceful connection to the universe and her place within it. Ultimately, it is a love story, a tale of one woman’s love for her life, a life that refused to let her go; proof that it is possible to change, to transmute the pain of loss, grief and sorrow into something beautiful.

The dream-like narratives provide an abundance of inspiration which is exquisitely expressed in the 82 watercolour illustrations. Free to choose whichever scene spoke most clearly, the artist’s translucent, flowing style and generous use of jewel-like colour provide the perfect visual pairing to the fertile and luxuriant prose.

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