Welcome to a condensed worldwide lost & found collection. Here you will find objects, ideas, and experiences which have all been either lost or found at some point in time across the globe. Despite the dual nature of this show, we are not here to highlight opposites or juxtapositions. We are not here to compare or contrast. We are here to explore our relationships to the things we feel belong to us and what happens when those relationships change.

Many of the works in this show speak to the losses and gains brought on by the current pandemic. If ever there were a time to take stock of what we have and revaluate what we own, it is now. One does not need to look too closely to observe what major aspects of living have been lost, and what new aspects of living we have found. As a worldwide community, taking stock of the things that have come and gone from our lives can provide a sense of perspective and clarity which is needed in order to move forward. 20th August 2021.

View exhibition online here.