This distinctive and unique visionary work is a creative collaboration between astrologer Joanna-Kate Grant and the artist Aia Leu.

Five years in the making, this collection of wholly original work has been developed from a meticulous intuitive exploration of the 78 cards of the Crowley/Harris Thoth Tarot. Drawing on her 30 years of esoteric knowledge, the visions that Joanna discovered within the cards have flowered into what is now Thoth Journey. Inspired by the dream-scapes of Joanna’s writing, and drawing on her own experiences of profound personal change, Aia has interpreted each of the 78 stories, allowing her intuition to guide her on which of the many images in each piece is to be painted. Her translucent flowing style, and the generous use of colour provide the perfect visual accompaniment to the fertile and luxuriant narrative.

The result is an Oracle that is designed specifically for the darkly profound times of change in which we now live. Reflecting the astrological zeitgeist of the moment, this creative offering has been lovingly crafted from the inspiration of two people who wish to share their gifts of art, intuition and wisdom with the world.

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